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Saturday Afternoon Classes

Saturday classes happen occasionally about once every two months and are a longer class, for those who want to be challenged a little further. It’s an opportunity to do poses which take some time to warm to, and give ourselves some dedicated yoga time.

Places are limited.

So far in 2019 we’ve had 5 such classes, with good responses from those who came along.

Thank you for a very enjoyable session.  Personally I really enjoyed the longer session… yes it was challenging and certainly was not playing to my strengths but great to do.  It didn’t feel rushed to me and the longer relaxation at the end made the effort all worthwhile.  Am sure to feel it in the morning, but had a great time

Just thought it was perfect. Wished you could do that class every week. It didn’t feel rushed at all in fact I thought the whole session was exceptional. You are a wonderful instructor and very inspirational.

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