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Meet your teacher

Norah has been teaching Iyengar Yoga in the Hexham area since 2006 after
qualifying as a teacher. She has passed two further exams since then, one in
2012 and then in 2019. This shows her commitment to develop her own
practice and teaching skills. So, she continues with her own learning and
development as a lifelong student of yoga, seeking to find the best for her and
her students.

Norah has been privileged over the years to be taught and corrected (!) by
excellent local teachers and also many visiting teachers. These have all been
important to her journey of yoga. Since the Covid pandemic and the rise of online classes Norah has been able to attend classes with teachers from all over the world without leaving her home.  Norah says “This has broadened by experience and been an honour, a delight as well as challenging. I’ve also learnt how easy it can be to not work quite so hard online so I know what my students do to avoid things too!  Online is so useful and provides so many opportunities but a teacher who can see all of you is much better.”

Iyengar Yoga has inspired Norah through the experience of developing
harmony of body and mind through the various yoga poses.

“Words cannot convey the value of yoga – it has to be experienced,” BKS

We learn through a carefully graded and systematic programme of postures.
Yoga practice both relaxes and energizes the body and mind and brings
vitality, flexibility, strength, concentration, self-confidence and mental calm.
Yoga is suitable for all types of people and all levels of fitness.

Norah’s classes seek to reflect this. Quote from a student “Through yoga with Norah I have learnt to be in touch with how my mind and body link together to keep everything working at its best even through minor niggles. Sixteen years of regular yoga have kept me fit, flexible and relatively sane.” And “Is Iyengar yoga suitable for people with injuries or problem joints? Yes it is. I have had a back op or two and other painful conditions over a few years and I kept up the yoga throughout with help from Norah and the various pieces of equipment that support and allow the body to heal and cope.” 

It is physically challenging to the level we can each work. Practising Yoga
helps you overcome and prevent many stresses, strains, aches and pains. It
promotes a firm foundation for health and well-being.

Here are some examples from current students and what they have found from doing yoga:

I started Yoga with Norah in a men only class and really enjoyed the mix of flexibility and strength exercise.  Norah is great at helping me to challenge myself to do what I can with some restrictions due to age or old injuries.  Sometimes it is hard for me but it is always rewarding and I am very motivated to keep going and learning more each time.

Norah's Story...

“Initially I started yoga in 1999, and for my second term I signed up accidentally for an Iyengar Yoga class.  This felt different in every way, more challenging, more engaging, using muscles I didn’t even know I had- I loved the discipline, the awareness it developed in my body and the work of the teacher in checking each of us in the pose.  Since then I have been delighted to continue on my yoga journey. My interest developed into attending training to be an instructor qualifying as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher in 2006.

I continue to learn more about the poses and the challenges they make for my body and those I teach.  Learning is continuous.  Over the 20 years of doing yoga obviously I have got older so I am constantly learning about myself as well as the yoga poses.”

What people Say...

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