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What To Expect

What to expect when you attend a yoga class, some of these will be obvious but I hope this helps to take that first step of attending a class:

Wear clothing you are comfortable in and will allow you to move easily. You will be expected to be barefoot and note at Naturel you will be asked to leave your shoes downstairs.

Naturel entrance

Humshaugh Entrance

What Should I Bring To Class?

Please come willing to learn and find out how you find the class. However, it can be helpful to bring:

For your first class you will be asked to complete a form on health and safety so if you need spectacles to help with that process, please bring them.

If you have an exercise mat bring it along. If you don’t have one don’t worry each venue has a couple of spare mats.

If you can bring a blanket or towel, this will be useful particularly in relaxation which we do at the end when you will cold down.

We will use equipment including belts, blocks, bricks etc.