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In Person & Online

In Person Classes:

Naturel, Hexham

Warden Chapel, Hexham NE46 4SH

Monday 09:30-11:00

Wednesday 17:30-19:00

Friday 12:00-13:00

Humshaugh Village Hall

Humshaugh, Hexham NE46 4AD

Monday 17:45-19:15

Wednesday 10:00-11:30

Saturday Workshops

There are occasional Workshops on a Saturday afternoon which go deeper into the pose.

Contact Norah to find out more.

Online Classes:

We continue with some classes being online as this is suiting some students for a variety of reasons.

At the moment the pattern of classes we have settled into are:

  • Tuesday 7 – 8pm
  • Friday 9:15-10:15 am

Cost is what you can afford up to a maximum of £6.00 per class. Feel free to discuss with Norah.

To attend an online class with norah just email her on yoganorah@gmail.Com you can book as and when it suits you or agree to attend regularly.

What happens then? Before the class norah will email you a zoom link. These work best on laptops or ipad, though some join from their mobile phones, but the picture will be very small. It works best if you have the zoom package downloaded onto your system. Once everyone joins the class norah will out you all on mute, though you can unmute to ask a question or query something. Norah will go through the class with everyone mostly joining in and giving some verbal corrections as she goes. We end as in every class with relaxation and then you are encouraged to rest longer or leave at the end of the session as you choose.

What do you need to attend a class?:

  • A device for zoom to work on, with your camera switched on.
  • A clear space for you to work in and where you are generally visible.
  • A yoga mat or equivalent, if you don’t have ‘yoga equipment’ then try to have a cushion or two, a blanket or a towel and belt -maybe a dressing gown belt and couple of books. How and when to use them will become clear.


“Norah was really great in lockdown, setting up zoom classes which were completely new for her, suggesting programmes for practice and sending out encouraging and supportive emails, often with really funny yoga jokes! Yes, there really are such things!”

One To One Classes:

Norah can provide tailored one to one sessions. Why would someone choose this option?  People can opt for this as a one off or as an extra to classes. It provides an opportunity to go through different options and focus in particular need a student has. Availability is limited and is usually offered to current students. If interested contact Norah to ask if this would be an option for you.

“Suffering from anxiety as I do, yoga with Norah has been a constructive way to control my emotional and mental wellbeing, as well as keeping me well in body.  The one to one session which Norah devised for me specifically for anxiety made all the difference to a much dreaded event. Also, my hip pain, which I had been lead to believe would be with me for life, is now almost non existent. “

“Norah was extremely helpful after I broke my upper arm. When I was able to resume any exercise, she gave me a separate session to demonstrate what I could (and could not) do initially, and as I progressed gave me alternative ways to exercise, if what the rest of the class were doing was unsuitable for me. She has also gently encouraged me to challenge myself and regain strength and movement.”

“Norah has been a great help in managing my scoliosis.  She volunteered to attend a special training course and has suggested specific asanas and modifications to other poses that benefit my condition.”